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City of Anaheim, CA Revenue Losses from Subsidy Programs

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YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue LossReimbursement / offset sort iconNet Revenue LossType of Loss
2017Garden Walk RetailGeneral Economic Development$201,000$0$201,000Active
2017DoubleTree HotelGeneral Economic Development$728,000$0$728,000Active
2018GardenWalk RetailGeneral Economic Development$273,000$0$273,000Active
2018Doubletree HotelGeneral Economic Development$762,000$0$762,000Active
2019Economic Assistance Agreement (GardenWalk Retail)General Economic Development$275,000$0$275,000Active
2019Economic Assistance Agreement (DoubleTree Hotel)General Economic Development$657,000$0$657,000Active
2020Economic Assistance AgreementsConstruction/rehabilitation$915,000$0$915,000Active
TABULATED TOTAL$3,811,000$0$3,811,000