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Broken Arrow Public School District I-003, OK Revenue Losses from Subsidy Programs

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YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue LossReimbursement / offsetNet Revenue LossType of Loss
2017Brok Arrow FlightSafety & Downtown DevGeneral Economic Development$5,260,033$0$5,260,033Active
2018Broken Arrow Flightsafety and Downtown Economic Development District No. One (TIF)General Economic Development (TIF)$464,757$0$464,757Passive
2017Indian Housing AuthorityHousing$27,722$0$27,722Active
2018Indian Housing Authority Owned PropertiesIndigenous protection$32,060$0$32,060Passive
2017Tax Exempt & Credits for Property TaxGeneral Economic Development$1,960,042$0$1,960,042Passive
2018Tax Exemptions and Credits for Property Tax ExemptionsCapital investment$1,960,042$0$1,960,042Passive
2019Tax Increment Financing (TIF)General Economic Development$37,062$0$37,062Passive
2019Tax Increment Financing (TIF)General Economic Development$449,183$0$449,183Passive
TABULATED TOTAL$10,190,901$0$10,190,901