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Tulsa Public School District I-1, OK Revenue Losses from Subsidy Programs

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YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss sort icon . Reimbursement / offsetNet Revenue LossType of Loss
20215-Year Exemption of Property Tax TaxesManufacturing development$5,400,000$0$5,400,000Passive
2019Property Tax Reimbursement FundGeneral Economic Development$4,200,000$4,200,000$0Passive
20205-Year Exemption of Property Tax TaxesManufacturing development$4,200,000$0$4,200,000Passive
20185-Year Exemption of Property Tax TaxesManufacturing development$3,839,571$3,839,571$0Passive
2017State Reimburse of Local SubsidyGeneral Economic Development$3,197,399$0$3,197,399Passive
2021Property Tax Reimbursement FundGeneral Economic Development$600,000$0$600,000Passive
2019District Number One Economic Development Program (Enterprise Zone)General Economic Development$500,000$0$500,000Passive
2017New Mfg/R&D ExemptionGeneral Economic Development$414,916$0$414,916Passive
2020Property Tax Reimbursement FundGeneral Economic Development$400,000$0$400,000Passive
2018Tax Increment Financing (TIF) DistrictsGeneral Economic Development (TIF)$144,400$0$144,400Passive
2017Enterprise ZonesGeneral Economic Development$61,300$0$61,300Passive
TABULATED TOTAL$22,957,586$8,039,571$14,918,015