Tax Break Tracker Individual Entry

Each individual entry is a single program reported by a single jurisdiction in a given fiscal year. Because we want to track the level and quality of disclosure as well as the content, the values below -- with the exception of program names -- are entered exactly as they are reported. See our user guide for more explanations.

New Mexico
Reporting Jurisdiction: 
Rio Rancho
Jurisdiction type
Fiscal year ending In: 
Program name: 
Bank America - Industrial Revenue Bonds Series 1998B
Program purpose
Economic development
Statutory authority
Sections 3-32-1 through 3-32-16, NMSA 1978 Annotated, Exempt from Property Tax under Section 7-36-3(A) NMSA 1978 Annotated
Abating jurisdiction(s)
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Applicable taxes: 
Property Tax
Method of abatement
Payment in lieu of Taxes (PILOT); Tax exemption
Provisions for recapture
If the company ceases operation of the Facility within five years of the issuance of the Bonds, the Company will pay an amount equal to that percentage of the amount of taxes it would have been required to pay if the bonds had not been issued other than with respect to the Rio Rancho School District. Amount is calculated using mill levies and actual property tax valuations for each tax year.
Gross revenue loss
Reimbursement / offset
Net revenue loss
Type of loss
Additional notes on dislosure: