Tax Break Tracker Individual Entry

Each individual entry is a single program reported by a single jurisdiction in a given fiscal year. Because we want to track the level and quality of disclosure as well as the content, the values below -- with the exception of program names -- are entered exactly as they are reported. See our user guide for more explanations.

New Mexico
Reporting Jurisdiction: 
Rio Rancho
Jurisdiction type
Fiscal year ending In: 
Program name: 
Titan City Center, LLC Project - Industrial Revenue Bonds Series 2009
Program purpose
Economic development
Statutory authority
Sections 3-32-1 through 3-32-16, NMSA 1978 Annotated, Exempt from Property Tax under Section 7-36-3(A) NMSA 1978 Annotated
Abating jurisdiction(s)
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Applicable taxes: 
Property Tax
Method of abatement
Payment in lieu of Taxes (PILOT); Tax exemption
Provisions for recapture
by agreement
Gross revenue loss
Reimbursement / offset
Net revenue loss
Type of loss
Additional notes on dislosure: