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Louisiana 2020 Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost: 
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State-level programs

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Program Name Program Type Revenue Loss
Competitive Projects Payroll Incentive Program Business attraction/retention $0
Cooperative Endeavor Agreements for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts Economic development $11,723,837
Digital Interactive Media and Software Tax Credit Film, TV, and/or media $32,429,418
Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program Economic development $37,025,671
Exemption for Manufacturing Establishments (Industry Assistance) Program Manufacturing $3,000,000
Louisiana Capital Companies (CAPCO) Tax Credit Program Job creation $1,040
Louisiana Quality Jobs Program Job creation $81,254,781
Motion Picture Production Tax Credit Film, TV, and/or media $157,360,983
Musical and Theatrical Production Income Tax Credit Economic development $2,386,770
Neighborhood Assistance Program Community development $0
New Market Tax Credit Capital investment $23,624
New Markets Jobs Act Program Capital investment $0
Ports Investor Tax Credits Port usage $0
Procurement Processing Company Rebate Business attraction/retention $25,857,219
Rehabilitation of Historic Structures Historic preservation $132,893,757
Retention and Modernization Tax Credit Business attraction/retention $2,522,000
Sound Recording Investor Tax Credit Music and/or arts $88,447
Tax Equalization Program Manufacturing $7,037,106

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

We estimated the reporting rate among local governments for each state using 2018 and 2019 data. This is to gauge how much data is available in that state.

For Louisiana, the estimated reporting rate is as follows:

Cities/counties: 19 out of 38 CAFRs or financial statements we examined provided information on tax abatement programs in accordance with GASB Statement No.77.

School districts: 44 out of 66 CAFRs or financial statements we examined provided information on tax abatement programs in accordance with GASB Statement No.77.

Concerned about the lack of disclosure? Check out the roadmap on GASB 77 compliance we created for LA. You can also get a CSV file of the localities in LA that did not make any tax abatement disclosures in their annual financial reports.

Local government / school district financial audits are posted here.

Reporting Jurisdiction Jurisdiction Type Gross Revenue Loss
Lafayett City-Parish Consolidated Government Municipality $1,514,754