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Missouri Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$3,217,367,227

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State-level programs

Click on the name of a program for more details.

YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2017Amateur Sports Ticket Sales Tax CreditGeneral Economic Development$1,317,000
2018Amateur Sports Ticket Sales Tax CreditSports and other mega events$1,276,000
2019Amateur Sports Ticket Sales Tax CreditSports and other mega events$1,421,000
2020Amateur Sports Ticket Sales Tax CreditSports and other mega events$1,392,000
2021Amateur Sports Ticket Sales Tax CreditSports and other mega events$129,000
2017Brownfield RemediationGeneral Economic Development$2,385,000
2018Brownfield RemediationRedevelopment/revitalization$3,160,000
2019Brownfield RemediationBrownfield rehabilitation$13,029,000
2020Brownfield RemediationBrownfield rehabilitation$9,645,000
2021Brownfield RemediationBrownfield rehabilitation$21,382,000
2017Business Facility Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$4,047,000
2018Business Facility Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$6,330,000
2019Business Facility Tax CreditBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$8,218,000
2020Business Facility Tax CreditFacility expansion$7,556,000
2021Business Facility Tax CreditFacility expansion$13,271,000
2017Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale DevelopmentInfrastructural development$10,433,000
2018Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale DevelopmentInfrastructural development$9,818,000
2019Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale DevelopmentInfrastructural development$13,776,000
2020Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale DevelopmentBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$8,898,000
2021Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale DevelopmentBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$12,343,000
2017Chapter 100 Personal Property Tax ExemptionBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$1,819,000
2018Chapter 100 Personal Property Tax ExemptionBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$268,000
2020Data Center Sales Tax ExemptionTechnology (data center)not reported
2017Development Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$346,000
2018Development Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$542,000
2019Development Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$374,000
2020Development Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$175,000
2021Development Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$413,000
2017Distressed Areas Land AssemblageGeneral Economic Development$397,000
2018Distressed Areas Land AssemblageRedevelopment/revitalization$68,000
2019Distressed Areas Land AssemblageCommunity development$43,000
2017Enhanced Enterprise ZoneGeneral Economic Development (EZ)$6,254,000
2018Enhanced Enterprise ZoneGeneral Economic Development (EZ)$5,569,000
2019Enhanced Enterprise ZoneGeneral Economic Development (EZ)$4,929,000
2020Enhanced Enterprise ZoneGeneral Economic Development (EZ)$4,716,000
2021Enhanced Enterprise ZoneGeneral Economic Development (EZ)$1,151,000
2017Film Production Tax CreditGeneral Economic Development$2,376,000
2017Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$49,743,000
2018Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$56,483,000
2019Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$54,566,000
2020Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$88,487,000
2021Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$118,212,000
2018Missouri Low Income Housing Tax CreditAffordable Housing$169,139,000
2019Missouri Low Income Housing Tax CreditAffordable Housing$153,024,000
2020Missouri Low Income Housing Tax CreditAffordable Housing$131,706,000
2021Missouri Low Income Housing Tax CreditAffordable Housing$144,395,000
2017Missouri Manufacturing Jobs ActJob Creation/Retention$15,351,000
2018Missouri Manufacturing Jobs ActManufacturing development$15,638,000
2019Missouri Manufacturing Jobs ActManufacturing development$15,013,000
2020Missouri Manufacturing Jobs ActManufacturing development$13,840,000
2021Missouri Manufacturing Jobs ActManufacturing development$16,112,000
2017Missouri Quality JobsJob Creation/Retention$62,528,000
2018Missouri Quality JobsJob Creation/Retention$68,229,000
2019Missouri Quality JobsJob Creation/Retention$48,411,000
2020Missouri Quality JobsJob Creation/Retention$37,669,000
2021Missouri Quality JobsJob Creation/Retention$17,605,000
2017Missouri Works - Business IncentivesJob Creation/Retention$35,066,000
2018Missouri Works - Business IncentivesJob Creation/Retention$56,399,000
2019Missouri Works - Business IncentivesJob Creation/Retention$64,787,000
2020Missouri Works - Business IncentivesJob Creation/Retention$113,472,000
2021Missouri Works - Business IncentivesJob Creation/Retention$100,394,000
2017Missouri Works - Job Retention TrainingJob Creation/Retention$6,029,000
2018Missouri Works - Job Retention TrainingJob Creation/Retention$3,521,000
2019Missouri Works - Job Retention TrainingJob Creation/Retention$2,781,000
2020Missouri Works - Job Retention TrainingJob Creation/Retention$2,906,000
2021Missouri Works - Job Retention TrainingJob Creation/Retention$6,795,000
2017Missouri Works - New Jobs TrainingWorkforce development$4,380,000
2018Missouri Works - New Jobs TrainingWorkforce development$5,600,000
2019Missouri Works - New Jobs TrainingJob Creation/Retention$4,715,000
2020Missouri Works - New Jobs TrainingJob Creation/Retention$3,674,000
2021Missouri Works - New Jobs TrainingJob Creation/Retention$7,154,000
2017MO Low Income Housing Tax CreditHousing$165,662,000
2017Neighborhood Preservation Tax CreditHousing$3,147,000
2018Neighborhood Preservation Tax CreditConstruction/rehabilitation$3,293,000
2019Neighborhood Preservation Tax CreditConstruction/rehabilitation$2,807,000
2020Neighborhood Preservation Tax CreditConstruction/rehabilitation$3,659,000
2021Neighborhood Preservation Tax CreditConstruction/rehabilitation$7,012,000
2017Rebuilding Communities Tax CreditGeneral Economic Development$476,000
2018Rebuilding Communities Tax CreditCommunity development$359,000
2019Rebuilding Communities Tax CreditCommunity development$56,000
2020Rebuilding Communities Tax CreditBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$17,000
2021Rebuilding Communities Tax CreditBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$4,000

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss
Boone CountyCounty$42,325
Buchanan CountyCounty$97,469
Cape Girardeau CountyCounty$1,320,072
Clay CountyCounty$9,558,884
Cole CountyCounty$55,271
Greene CountyCounty$2,292,496
Jackson CountyCounty$69,950,419
New Madrid CountyCounty$638,657
Platte CountyCounty$2,129,847
Saline CountyCounty$94,154
St. Charles CountyCounty$1,751,949
St. Francois CountyCounty$723,000
St. Louis CountyCounty$11,171,555
Taney CountyCounty$30,986
City of BeltonMunicipality$190,772
City of BridgetonMunicipality$1,227,210
City of CaliforniaMunicipality$695
City of Cape GirardeauMunicipality$17,941
City of ChesterfieldMunicipality$37,005
City of ColumbiaMunicipality$253,178
City of FergusonMunicipality$44,232
City of FestusMunicipality$295,950
City of GladstoneMunicipality$119,292
City of GrandviewMunicipality$1,616,260
City of HannibalMunicipality$69,636
City of IndependenceMunicipality$400,494
City of JacksonMunicipality$13,253
City of Kansas CityMunicipality$464,478,000
City of KirksvilleMunicipality$369,816
City of Lee's SummitMunicipality$6,945,091
City of LibertyMunicipality$4,780,219
City of MaconMunicipality$15,000
City of Maryland HeightsMunicipality$127,000
City of MaryvilleMunicipality$373,422
City of O'FallonMunicipality$160,899
City of OlivetteMunicipality$18,484
City of Osage BeachMunicipality$1,974,147
City of Poplar BluffMunicipality$276,811
City of SpringfieldMunicipality$5,497,549
City of St JosephMunicipality$8,426,878
City of St. AnnMunicipality$660,587
City of St. CharlesMunicipality$6,952,453
City of St. LouisMunicipality$96,110,000
City of St. PetersMunicipality$1,071,657
City of WaynesvilleMunicipality$232,018
City of WentzvilleMunicipality$483,038
City of West PlainsMunicipality$476,717
Adrian R-III School DistrictSchool District$37,550
Affton School DistrictSchool District$118,427
Arcadia Valley R-II School DistrictSchool District$212,054
Ash Grove R-IV School DistrictSchool District$225
Bayless Consolidated School DistrictSchool District$3,843
Blue Springs Jackson County R-IVSchool District$9,852,966
Bowling Green R-I School DistrictSchool District$13,627
Branson R-IV School DistrictSchool District$4,006,587
Brentwood School DistrictSchool District$345,615
Cameron R-I School DistrictSchool District$167,210
Canton R-V School DistrictSchool District$111,320
Cape Girardeau School District 63School District$206,839
Carrollton R-VII School DistrictSchool District$10,086
Carthage R-IX School DistrictSchool District$451,196
Center School District 58School District$1,134,000
Charleston R-I School DistrictSchool District$88,291
Clark County R-I School DistrictSchool District$35,763
Clayton School DistrictSchool District$855,000
Columbia Public School DistrictSchool District$13,039,974
Community R-VI School DistrictSchool District$1,010,199
De Soto School District 73School District$7,497
East Newton County R-VI School DistrictSchool District$33,626
Eldon R-I School DistrictSchool District$79,216
Excelsior Springs 40 School DistrictSchool District$75,060
Fairview R-XI School DistrictSchool District$89,952
Ferguson R-II School DistrictSchool District$5,405,066
Festus R-VI School DistrictSchool District$34,350
Fort Osage R-I School DistrictSchool District$48,991
Fort Zumwalt School DistrictSchool District$3,792,504
Francis Howell R-Iii School DistrictSchool District$531,881
Fulton Public School DistrictSchool District$158,152
Grain Valley R-V School DistrictSchool District$499,787
Grandview C-IV School DistrictSchool District$288,905
Hancock Place School DistrictSchool District$225,938
Harrisonville Cass R-IX School DistrictSchool District$657,345
Hayti Reorganized School District No.2School District$4,378
Hazelwood School DistrictSchool District$2,550,098
Henry County R-I School DistrictSchool District$1,146
Hickman Mills C-I School DistrictSchool District$4,490,679
Hillsboro R-III School DistrictSchool District$101,161
Independence 30 School DistrictSchool District$6,471,419
Jackson Cape Girardeau County R-II School DistrictSchool District$165,494
Jackson County Reorganized School DistrictSchool District$9,906,178
Jefferson City Public School DistrictSchool District$1,160,836
Jennings School DistrictSchool District$86,725
Joplin School DistrictSchool District$4,229,780
Kansas City School DistrictSchool District$81,357,000
Kearney R-I School DistrictSchool District$483,016
Kirkwood School District R-VIISchool District$670,122
Ladue School DistrictSchool District$190,224
Lafayette Counhty C-I School DistrictSchool District$205,663
Lebanon R-III School DistrictSchool District$284,078
Lees Summit R-VII School DistrictSchool District$4,038,053
Lewis County C-I School DistrictSchool District$39,515