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Nebraska Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$2,059,916,409

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State-level programs

Click on the name of a program for more details.

YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2017Angel Investment Tax CreditGeneral Economic Development$5,650,000
2018Angel Investment Tax CreditTechnology (various)$5,253,000
2019Angel Investment Tax CreditCapital investment$6,114,000
2020Angel Investment Tax CreditCapital investment$6,127,000
2021Angel Investment Tax CreditCapital investment$1,605,000
2022Angel Investment Tax CreditCapital investment$267,000
2017Beginner Farmer Tax Credit ActAgricultural development$1,198,000
2018Beginner Farmer Tax Credit ActAgricultural development$1,503,000
2019Beginner Farmer Tax Credit ActAgricultural development$1,619,000
2020Beginner Farmer Tax Credit ActAgricultural development$1,677,000
2021Beginner Farmer Tax Credit ActAgricultural development$1,623,000
2022Beginner Farmer Tax Credit ActAgricultural development$1,699,000
2017Community Development Assistance ActGeneral Economic Development$228,000
2018Community Development Assistance ActCommunity development$263,000
2019Community Development Assistance ActCommunity development$263,000
2020Community Development Assistance ActCommunity development$108,000
2021Community Development Assistance ActCommunity development$515,000
2022Community Development Assistance ActCommunity development$505,000
2017Employment and Investment GrowthJob Creation/Retention$133,846,000
2018Employment and Investment GrowthJob Creation/Retention$69,012,000
2019Employment and Investment GrowthJob Creation/Retention$51,593,000
2020Employment and Investment GrowthJob Creation/Retention$45,399,000
2021Employment and Investment GrowthJob Creation/Retention$20,777,000
2022Employment and Investment GrowthJob Creation/Retention$10,814,000
2017Invest Nebraska ActJob Creation/Retention$42,691,000
2020Invest Nebraska ActCapital investmentnot reported
2018Nebraska AdvantageGeneral Economic Development$154,192,000
2017Nebraska Advantage ActJob Creation/Retention$160,958,000
2021Nebraska Advantage ActJob Creation/Retention$216,676,000
2022Nebraska Advantage ActJob Creation/Retention$382,686,000
2017Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit ActGeneral Economic Development$1,231,000
2018Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit ActSmall business development$734,000
2019Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit ActSmall business development$857,000
2020Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit ActBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$623,000
2021Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit ActBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$608,000
2022Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit ActBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$1,724,000
2017Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActJob Creation/Retention$881,000
2018Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$1,021,000
2019Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActJob Creation/Retention$194,303,000
2019Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActRural development$1,217,000
2020Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$1,916,000
2020Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActJob Creation/Retention$184,005,000
2021Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$1,801,000
2022Nebraska Advantage Rural Development ActBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$1,291,000
2017Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization ActHistoric Preservation$3,100,000
2018Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization ActHistoric Preservation$3,630,000
2019Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization ActHistoric Preservation$4,362,000
2020Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization ActHistoric Preservation$4,559,000
2021Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization ActHistoric Preservation$2,940,000
2022Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization ActHistoric Preservation$6,256,000
2018New Market Job Growth Investment Tax CreditCommunity development$13,787,000
2019New Market Job Growth Investment Tax CreditCommunity development$11,715,000
2020New Market Job Growth Investment Tax CreditCommunity development$12,082,000
2021New Market Job Growth Investment Tax CreditCommunity development$11,416,000
2022New Market Job Growth Investment Tax CreditCommunity development$14,126,000
2017New Markte Job Growth Investment Tax CreditGeneral Economic Development$12,838,000
2020The Affordable Housing Tax Credit ActAffordable Housingnot reported
2021The Affordable Housing Tax Credit ActAffordable Housing$4,708,000
2022The Affordable Housing Tax Credit ActAffordable Housing$9,617,000

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss
Douglas CountyCounty$32,978,900
Lancaster CountyCounty$9,617,386
City of BellevueMunicipality$490,000
City of CreteMunicipality$18,890
City of Grand IslandMunicipality$12,820,532
City of KearneyMunicipality$1,045,708
City of LincolnMunicipality$17,869,368
City of OmahaMunicipality$113,296,000
Adams Central Public SchoolsSchool District$10,678
Ainsworth Community SchoolsSchool District$12,830
Alliance Public SchoolsSchool District$310,950
Alliance School District 6School District$502,991
Boone Central SchoolsSchool District$21,475
Brady Public SchoolsSchool District$1,974
Broken Bow Public SchoolsSchool District$95,970
Central City Public SchoolsSchool District$433,793
Chadron School District 2School District$105,444
Cozad Community Schools 11School District$34,914
Creighton Community Public SchoolsSchool District$3,916
Dodge County School District 001School District$330,915
Douglas County School District #0001School District$21,491,000
Douglas County School District 54 Ralston Public SchoolsSchool District$1,903,560
Dundy County Stratton Public SchoolsSchool District$68,494
Educational Service Unit 10School District$6,237
Educational Service Unit 3School District$56,078
Educational Service Unit 7School District$1,239,879
Elkhorn Public SchoolsSchool District$1,285,319
Eustis Farnam Public SchoolsSchool District$10,872
Falls City School District 74-0056School District$13,531
Gering Public Schools 16School District$357,056
Gothenburg Public SchoolsSchool District$184,156
Grand Island Public SchoolsSchool District$1,325,062
Hall County School District 2 Grand Island Public SchoolsSchool District$994,317
Hastings Public SchoolsSchool District$458,346
Holdrege Public SchoolsSchool District$334,985
Kearney School District 07School District$1,346,053
Laurel Concord Coleridge Public SchoolsSchool District$63,151
Lexington School District 1School District$1,347,201
Louisville Public SchoolsSchool District$181,326
Loup City Public SchoolsSchool District$6,615
McCook School District 17School District$221,325
Mead Public SchoolsSchool District$133,198
Nebraska Unified School District 1School District$1,925
Ogallala Public SchoolsSchool District$552,037
Omaha Public SchoolsSchool District$79,840
Oneill Public SchoolsSchool District$66,970
Ord Public SchoolsSchool District$279,203
Osceola Public SchoolsSchool District$16,810
Osmond Community SchoolsSchool District$12,164
Papillion-Lavista School District 27School District$309,106
Schuyler Community Schools 123School District$48,176
Scottsbluff Public SchoolsSchool District$611,620
Seward School District No.9School District$76,063
South Sioux City Community Schools District 11School District$1,296,954
Tekamah Herman Community SchoolSchool District$4,508
Valentine Community SchoolsSchool District$30,294
Wahoo School District 39School District$290,787
Waverly Public Schools 55-0145School District$689,936
West Holt Public SchoolsSchool District$117,435
West Point School District 1School District$193,186