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New Mexico Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$331,289,061

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State-level programs

Click on the name of a program for more details.

YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2018Advanced Energy Deduction -- Gross Receipts and Compensating TaxesEnergy production$500,000
2018Credit for Preservation of Cultural PropertyHistoric Preservation$166,694
2018Film and Television Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$1,380,619
2019Film Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$150,000,000
2020Film Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$55,600,000
2018Renewable Energy Tax CreditEnergy productionnot reported

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss
Bernalillo CountyCounty$16,378,297
Dona Ana CountyCounty$1,867,574
Dona Ana County Flood CommissionCounty$5,003
San Juan CountyCounty$6,800
Sandoval CountyCounty$48,279,111
Santa Fe CountyCounty$1,604,953
City of AlbuquerqueMunicipality$4,849,934
City of ClovisMunicipality$836,796
City of HobbsMunicipality$3,142
City of Las CrucesMunicipality$1,560,141
City of Lea CountyMunicipality$415,070
City of PortalesMunicipality$9,432
City of Rio RanchoMunicipality$2,930,061
City of RoswellMunicipality$2,434,791
City of Santa FeMunicipality$1,420,895
Alamogordo Municipal School District 1School District$80
Albuquerque Municipal School District 12School District$8,219,401
Belen Consolidated School District 2School District$82,790
Carlsbad Municipal School District 20School District$818,548
Central NM Community CollegeSchool District$67,055
Clovis Municipal School DistrictSchool District$1,315,467
Deming Public School DistrictSchool District$579,330
Dexter Consolidated School DistrictSchool District$0
Dona Ana Community CollegeSchool District$5,172
Dora Consolidated School DistrictSchool District$121,400
Elida Municipal School DistrictSchool District$255,910
Estancia Municipal School District 7School District$0
Eunice Public School DistrictSchool District$0
Fort Sumner Municipal School DistrictSchool District$0
Gadsden Independent School District 16School District$491,734
Grady Municipal School DistrictSchool District$0
Grants-Cibola County School DistrictSchool District$0
Hagerman Municipal School DistrictSchool District$2,123
Hatch Valley Public School DistrictSchool District$166,484
House Municipals School DistrictSchool District$128,254
Lake Arthur Municipal School DistrictSchool District$129,418
Los Lunas School DistrictSchool District$235,002
Portales Municipal School District 1School District$33,393
Rio Rancho Public School District 94School District$26,747,560
Roswell Independent School District 4School District$1,392,250
San Jon Municipal School DistrictSchool District$128,254
Springer Municipal School DistrictSchool District$0
Texico Municipal School DistrictSchool District$0
Tucumcari Public School DistrictSchool District$2,695
Vaughn Municipal School DistrictSchool District$0
Presbyterian Health SystemSpecial district$39,186
Southern Sandoval Arroyo Flood ControlSpecial district$46,182
UNM Sandoval Regional Health CenterSpecial district$32,060