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Nevada Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$738,786,736

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State-level programs

Click on the name of a program for more details.

YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2017Business AbatementsGeneral Economic Development$1,368,000
2017Cap Invest of $1 BilGeneral Economic Development$14,000
2017Cap Invest of $3.5 BilGeneral Economic Development$1,232,000
2018Capital Investments of at least $3.5 Billion Tax AbatementBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$3,583,000
2019Capital Investments of at least $3.5 Billion Tax AbatementBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$4,285,000
2020Capital Investments of at least $3.5 Billion Tax AbatementBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$1,341,000
2021Capital Investments of at least $3.5 Billion Tax AbatementBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$11,067,000
2022Capital Investments of at least $3.5 Billion Tax AbatementBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$14,608,000
2017Green BuildingGeneral Economic Development$1,618,000
2018Green Building Tax AbatementsEnvironmental protection$3,659,000
2019Green Building Tax AbatementsEnvironmental protection$4,289,000
2020Green Building Tax AbatementsEnvironmental protection$5,094,000
2021Green Building Tax AbatementsEnvironmental protection$4,661,000
2022Green Building Tax AbatementsEnvironmental protection$4,620,000
2017Renewable EnergyGeneral Economic Development$790,000
2018Renewable Energy Tax AbatementsEnergy production$1,031,000
2019Renewable Energy Tax AbatementsEnergy production$954,000
2020Renewable Energy Tax AbatementsEnergy production$1,007,000
2021Renewable Energy Tax AbatementsEnergy production$1,060,000
2022Renewable Energy Tax AbatementsEnergy production$1,292,000
2018Tax Abatements for BusinessesBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$2,806,000
2019Tax Abatements for BusinessesBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$4,786,000
2020Tax Abatements for BusinessesBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$3,073,000
2021Tax Abatements for BusinessesBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$4,172,000
2022Tax Abatements for BusinessesBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$6,067,000
2017Transferable Tax CreditsGeneral Economic Development$42,073,000
2018Transferable Tax CreditsCapital investment$73,832,000
2019Transferable Tax CreditsCapital investment$45,714,000
2020Transferable Tax CreditsCapital investment$22,250,000
2021Transferable Tax CreditsCapital investment$5,125,000
2022Transferable Tax CreditsCapital investment$1,484,000

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss
Carson CityCounty$2,614,877
Churchill CountyCounty$952,531
Clark CountyCounty$21,124,364
Douglas CountyCounty$324,436
Elko CountyCounty$2,848,933
Lander CountyCounty$1,213,730
Lyon CountyCounty$1,209,294
Mineral CountyCounty$119,727
Nye CountyCounty$76,224
Pershing CountyCounty$164
Storey CountyCounty$62,147,251
Washoe CountyCounty$42,093,262
Battle MountainMunicipality$66,050
Boulder CityMunicipality$184,813
City of BunkervilleMunicipality$9,902
City of EnterpriseMunicipality$85,145
City of HendersonMunicipality$48,790,412
City of Las VegasMunicipality$15,263,111
City of LaughlinMunicipality$134,166
City of MesquiteMunicipality$140,797
City of MindenMunicipality$8,598
City of Moapa ValleyMunicipality$14,361
City of North Las VegasMunicipality$3,523,376
City of ParadiseMunicipality$1,308,993
City of RenoMunicipality$14,928,935
City of SparksMunicipality$5,281,435
City of Spring ValleyMunicipality$400,515
City of SummerlinMunicipality$3,151
City of Sunrise ManorMunicipality$196,491
City of WhitneyMunicipality$16,322
City of WinchesterMunicipality$242,591
Palimino Valley GIDMunicipality$12,108
Round MountainMunicipality$1,213
Churchill County School DistrictSchool District$2,401,285
Clark County School DistrictSchool District$60,610,987
Douglas County School DistrictSchool District$568,369
Lander County School DistrictSchool District$1,363,894
Lincoln County School DistrictSchool District$111,479
Lyon County School DistrictSchool District$549,370
Mineral County School DistrictSchool District$83,872
Nye County School DistrictSchool District$1,387,812
Peshing County School DistrictSchool District$218
Storey County School DistrictSchool District$117,756,622
Washoe County School DistrictSchool District$46,596,191
Amargosa Library DistrictSpecial district$43
Beatty Library DistrictSpecial district$30
Boulder Library DistrictSpecial district$11,272
Carson-Truckee Water ConservancySpecial district$35,651
Cave Rock General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$440
Central Lyon Fire ProtectionSpecial district$16,258
Churchill Mosquito Abatement DistrictSpecial district$17,007
Churchill Mosquito DistrictSpecial district$15,994
Clark County Fire ProtectionSpecial district$939,578
Douglas Mosquito Protection General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$3,226
East Fork Fire PortectionSpecial district$3,132
East Fork Fire ProtectionSpecial district$37,961
Gardenerville Ranchos General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$1,446
Gardnerville Ranchose General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$17,558
Henderson Library DistrictSpecial district$40,620
Incline Village General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$95,002
Indian Hills General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$6,499
Kingsbury General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$995
Kinsbury General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$12,052
Lakeridge General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$438
Lander Hospital DistrictSpecial district$207,587
Las Vegas/Clark County LibrarySpecial district$371,690
Logan Creek General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$195
Marla Bay General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$1,318
Mason Valley Fire ProtectionSpecial district$2,402
Mason Valley Mosquito Abatement DistrictSpecial district$37
Mason Valley Mosquito ProtectionSpecial district$2,071
Mineral County Hospital DistrictSpecial district$5,205
Moapa Fire ProtectionSpecial district$15,239
Mt Charleston Fire ProtectionSpecial district$1,316
Mt. Charles Fire ProtectionSpecial district$1,901
North Lake Tahoe Fire ProtectionSpecial district$261,468
North Lyon Fire ProtectionSpecial district$4,643
Oliver Park General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$487
Pahrump Library DistrictSpecial district$475
Pahrump Swim Pool General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$278
Palomini Valley General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$8,404
Pershing County Hospital DistrictSpecial district$19
Round Hill General Improvement DistrictSpecial district$9,674
Silver Springs Stagecoach HospitalSpecial district$2,641
Silver Springs Stagecoach Hospital DistSpecial district$47