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New York Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$33,848,227,672

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State-level programs

Click on the name of a program for more details.

YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2017BrownfieldsEnvironmental protection$130,000,000
2019BrownfieldsBrownfield rehabilitation$130,000,000
2020BrownfieldsBrownfield rehabilitation$130,000,000
2021BrownfieldsBrownfield rehabilitation$130,000,000
2017Electric Generation Mitigation FundEnergy production$2,778,243
2020Empire ZonesJob Creation/Retention$31,000,000
2021Empire ZonesJob Creation/Retention$48,000,000
2017Empire Zones (EZ)General Economic Development$23,000,000
2018Empire Zones (EZ)General Economic Development (EZ)$16,000,000
2019Empire Zones (EZ)General Economic Development (EZ)$143,000,000
2018Excelsior Business Program (formerly Start-up NY)Entrepreneurship/innovation$180,000,000
2018Excelsior Job Program and Empire State Job Retention CreditBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$98,000,000
2019Excelsior Jobs Program and Empire State Job Retention Program CreditJob Creation/Retention$168,000,000
2020Excelsior Jobs Program and Empire State Job Retention Program CreditBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$168,000,000
2021Excelsior Jobs Program and Empire State Job Retention Program CreditBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$168,000,000
2017Excelsior Tax IncentivesBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$74,000,000
2017Film & Commercial Production CreditGeneral Economic Development$621,000,000
2018Film & Commercial Production CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$682,000,000
2019Film & Commercial Production CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$758,000,000
2020Film & Commercial Production CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$636,000,000
2021Film & Commercial Production CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$606,000,000
2017Industrial Development Agencies (IDA)General Economic Development$81,000,000
2018Industrial Development Agencies (IDA)General Economic Development (IRB)$107,000,000
2019Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs)Industrial development$88,000,000
2020Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs)General Economic Development$97,000,000
2021Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs)General Economic Development$102,000,000
2018Low Income Housing CreditAffordable Housing$36,000,000
2019Low Income Housing CreditAffordable Housing$38,000,000
2020Low Income Housing CreditAffordable Housing$41,000,000
2021Low Income Housing CreditAffordable Housing$51,000,000
2017Low-Income Housing CreditHousing$35,000,000
2017MiscellaneousGeneral Economic Development$15,500,000
2020New York Youth Jobs ProgramChild/youth services$40,000,000
2021New York Youth Jobs ProgramChild/youth services$40,000,000
2019New York Youth Jobs Program (formerly Urban Youth Job Program)Job Creation/Retention$40,000,000
2020Other tax abatement programsGeneral Economic Development$20,000,000
2021Other tax abatement programsGeneral Economic Development$20,600,000
2017Qualified Empire Zone Enterprise (QEZE)Job Creation/Retention$132,000,000
2018Qualified Empire Zones (EZ) EnterpriseGeneral Economic Development (EZ)$115,000,000
2020Qualified Empire Zones EnterpriseJob Creation/Retention$58,000,000
2021Qualified Empire Zones EnterpriseJob Creation/Retention$46,000,000
2019Qualified Empire Zones Enterprise (QEZE)General Economic Development (EZ)$86,000,000
2017START-UP NYBusiness attraction/retention/expansion$105,000,000
2017Urban Youth (Youth Works)Child/youth services$20,000,000
2018Urban Youth Job ProgramEducational development$50,000,000
2018Various other tax abatement programsGeneral Economic Development$14,000,000
2019Various other tax abatement programsGeneral Economic Development$18,000,000

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss
Broome CountyCounty$1,310,514
Cattaraugus CountyCounty$47,123
Cayuga CountyCounty$937,645
Chautauqua CountyCounty$1,622,314
Cheektowaga CountyCounty$1,285
Chemung CountyCounty$1,242,279
Chenango CountyCounty$509,882
Delaware CountyCounty$103,376
Erie CountyCounty$22,976,135
Genesee CountyCounty$680,128
Lewis CountyCounty$47,226
Monroe CountyCounty$47,200,000
Nassau CountyCounty$163,368,000
Niagara CountyCounty$640,459
Onondoga CountyCounty$12,773,353
Rensellaer CountyCounty$5,357,947
Saratoga CountyCounty$89,205
Schuyler CountyCounty$431,477
Seneca CountyCounty$9,726,072
Steuben CountyCounty$3,574,203
Suffolk CountyCounty$85,869,590
Tompkins CountyCounty$3,661,616
Westchester CountyCounty$16,698,781
Wyoming CountyCounty$98,409
Yates CountyCounty$472,130
City of AmherstMunicipality$343,946
City of AuburnMunicipality$725,231
City of BabylonMunicipality$1,396,599
City of BataviaMunicipality$109,421
City of BrookhavenMunicipality$637,908
City of BuffaloMunicipality$108,080,886
City of CortlandMunicipality$96,942
City of Glens FallsMunicipality$122,877
City of HamburgMunicipality$425,242
City of HarrietstownMunicipality$621
City of HuntingtonMunicipality$219,207
City of IrondequoitMunicipality$457,951
City of JamestownMunicipality$146,123
City of LibertyMunicipality$27,488
City of MiddletownMunicipality$517,858
City of New RochelleMunicipality$3,274,609
City of Niagara FallsMunicipality$3,824,242
City of North HempsteadMunicipality$13,745,174
City of North TonawandaMunicipality$175,709
City of OneontaMunicipality$121,797
City of OswegoMunicipality$500,690
City of Oyster BayMunicipality$15,856,436
City of PeekskillMunicipality$7,552,334
City of Port JervisMunicipality$190,156
City of PoughkeepsieMunicipality$1,177,922
City of RochesterMunicipality$127,756,687
City of Saratoga SpringsMunicipality$245,826
City of SchenectadyMunicipality$2,958,876
City of SmithtownMunicipality$153,657
City of SouthamptonMunicipality$86,055
City of SyracuseMunicipality$93,492,607
City of UnionMunicipality$164,498
City of YonkersMunicipality$181,942,275
New York CityMunicipality$24,700,223,831
Addison Central School DistrictSchool district$1,521,116
Adirondack Central School DistrictSchool district$162,622
Albany City School DistrictSchool district$35,621,237
Albion Central School DistrictSchool district$365,415
Alden Central School DistrictSchool district$54,000
Allegany Limestone Central School DistrictSchool district$63,875
Allegany-Limestone School DistrictSchool district$294,284
Altmar Parish Williamstown Central School DistrictSchool district$118,060
Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School DistrictSchool district$481,546
Amagansett Union Free School DistrictSchool district$0
Amherst Central School DistrictSchool district$1,162,094
Amityville Union Free School DistrictSchool district$8,962,107
Amsterdam City School DistrictSchool district$763,640
Amsterdam Enlarged City School DistrictSchool district$10,211,657
Attica Central School DistrictSchool district$294,227
Auburn City School DistrictSchool district$1,735,144
Auburn Enlarged City School DistrictSchool district$2,670,191
Avon Central School DistrictSchool district$1,343,769
Bainbridge-Guilford Central School DistrictSchool district$59,166
Baldwin Union Free School DistrictSchool district$576,975
Baldwinsville Central School DistrictSchool district$7,258,820
Ballston Spa Central School DistrictSchool district$21,982,068
Batavia City School DistrictSchool district$3,278,496
Bath Central School DistrictSchool district$1,616,267
Bay Shore Union Free School DistrictSchool district$4,916,557
Bayport-Blue Point Union Free School DistrictSchool district$0
Beacon City School DistrictSchool district$2,935,211
Beekmantown Central School DistrictSchool district$3,096,933
Bellmore Merrick Central High School DistrictSchool district$96,516
Bellmore Union Free School DistrictSchool district$74,913
Bellmore-Merrick Central High School DistrictSchool district$65,366
Bethlehem Central School DistrictSchool district$7,228,445
Bethpage Union Free School DistrictSchool district$19,309,166
Binghamton City School DistrictSchool district$3,663,451
Brasher Falls Central School DistrictSchool district$266,273
Brewster Central School DistrictSchool district$1,011,298
Brighton Central School DistrictSchool district$1,018,524
Broadalbin Perth Central School DistrictSchool district$12,534
Brockport Central School DistrictSchool district$842,618
Brookhaven Comsewogue Union Free School DistrictSchool district$870,708
Brookhaven-Comsewogue Union Free School DistrictSchool district$26,042
Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Central School DistrictSchool district$107,324