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Ohio Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$3,074,622,157

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State-level programs

Click on the name of a program for more details.

YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2017Historic Preservation CreditHistoric Preservation$34,695,000
2018Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$26,740,000
2019Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$33,797,000
2020Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$24,602,000
2021Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$48,111,000
2022Historic Preservation Tax CreditHistoric Preservation$65,950,000
2017Job Creation CreditJob Creation/Retention$113,355,000
2018Job Creation CreditJob Creation/Retention$148,550,000
2020Job Creation CreditTechnology (data center)$229,854,000
2021Job Creation CreditTechnology (data center)$280,027,000
2022Job Creation CreditTechnology (data center)$264,421,000
2019Job Creation Credit (including Computer Data Center Tax Abatement)Job Creation/Retention$177,378,000
2017Job Retention CreditJob Creation/Retention$54,251,000
2018Job Retention CreditJob Creation/Retention$52,801,000
2019Job Retention CreditJob Creation/Retention$56,039,000
2020Job Retention CreditJob Creation/Retention$36,786,000
2021Job Retention CreditJob Creation/Retention$47,983,000
2022Job Retention CreditJob Creation/Retention$33,814,000
2017Motion Picture CreditGeneral Economic Development$18,957,000
2018Motion Picture Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$15,839,000
2019Motion Picture Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$14,050,000
2020Motion Picture Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$11,717,000
2021Motion Picture Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$29,122,000
2022Motion Picture Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$13,713,000
2017New Markets Tax CreditGeneral Economic Development$4,359,000
2018New Markets Tax CreditCommunity development$5,051,000
2019New Markets Tax CreditCapital investment$6,744,000
2020New Markets Tax CreditCommunity development$7,154,000
2021New Markets Tax CreditCommunity development$9,820,000
2022New Markets Tax CreditCommunity development$9,247,000
2022Rural Business Growth Tax CreditCommunity development$10,250,000

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss
Ashtabula CoutnyCounty$63,384
Auglaize CountyCounty$86,940
Butler CountyCounty$9,217,506
Carroll CountyCounty$11,511
Clark CountyCounty$464,913
Clermont CountyCounty$189,670
Coshocton CountyCounty$10,558
Cuyahoga CountyCounty$19,567,126
Defiance CountyCounty$42,266
Delaware CountyCounty$198,794
Erie CountyCounty$1,876,954
Fairfield CountyCounty$181,135
Franklin CountyCounty$133,195,000
Fulton CountyCounty$567,287
Geauga CountyCounty$82,579
Hamilton CountyCounty$34,293,000
Hancock CountyCounty$46,761
Hardin CountyCounty$45,748
Holmes CountyCounty$60,273
Jefferson CountyCounty$992,710
Knox CountyCounty$98,626
Licking CountyCounty$118,533
Lorain CountyCounty$352,127
Lucas CountyCounty$1,663,808
Mahoning CountyCounty$1,851,357
Medina CountyCounty$344,202
Miami CountyCounty$324,558
Montgomery CountyCounty$15,863,669
Morrow CountyCounty$19,070
Muskingum CountyCounty$617,231
Portage CountyCounty$309,652
Preble CountyCounty$183,383
Ross CountyCounty$188,655
Sandusky CountyCounty$209,486
Stark CountyCounty$297,983
Trumbull CountyCounty$107,100
Tuscarawas CountyCounty$41,581
Union CountyCounty$56,525
Warren CountyCounty$1,234,752
Williams CountyCounty$1,512,956
Wood CountyCounty$1,130,708
Wyandot CountyCounty$14,472
City of AkronMunicipality$627,762
City of AllianceMunicipality$292,058
City of AshtabulaMunicipality$6,381
City of AvonMunicipality$3,533,622
City of BedfordMunicipality$1,005,770
City of BrecksvilleMunicipality$192,795
City of Canal WinchesterMunicipality$1,219,404
City of CantonMunicipality$48,898
City of CentervilleMunicipality$53,349
City of ChillicotheMunicipality$6,427
City of CincinnatiMunicipality$65,627,000
City of ClevelandMunicipality$38,516,000
City of ColumbusMunicipality$123,060,028
City of DaytonMunicipality$3,199,448
City of DelawareMunicipality$1,617,608
City of ElyriaMunicipality$983,215
City of EuclidMunicipality$192,949
City of FairfieldMunicipality$1,463,699
City of FindlayMunicipality$6,687
City of GahannaMunicipality$756,839
City of Grandview HeightsMunicipality$869,527
City of Grove CityMunicipality$132,545
City of HamiltonMunicipality$324,421
City of HilliardMunicipality$1,019,747
City of Huber HeightsMunicipality$19,736
City of HudsonMunicipality$107,559
City of KentMunicipality$91,214
City of LakewoodMunicipality$148,154
City of LimaMunicipality$21,483
City of LorainMunicipality$188,913
City of LouisvilleMunicipality$4,887
City of MansfieldMunicipality$107,718
City of MarysvilleMunicipality$423,662
City of MasonMunicipality$856
City of MassillonMunicipality$55,056
City of MentorMunicipality$858,954
City of MiddletownMunicipality$466,901
City of North OlmstedMunicipality$210,669
City of OakwoodMunicipality$101,479
City of ReynoldsburgMunicipality$75,827
City of SidneyMunicipality$84,375
City of SilvertonMunicipality$5,417
City of SolonMunicipality$712,757
City of SteubenvilleMunicipality$4,178
City of StowMunicipality$78,394
City of StreetsboroMunicipality$22,834
City of TallmadgeMunicipality$17,664
City of ToledoMunicipality$27,463,000
City of VandaliaMunicipality$550,570
City of Wadsworth CityMunicipality$1,913
City of WestlakeMunicipality$22,165
Ada Exempted Village School DistrictSchool District$21,608
Akron City School DistrictSchool District$248,211
Amanda-Clearcreek Local School DistrictSchool District$11,969
Anna Local School DistrictSchool District$13,756
Anthony Wayne Local School DistrictSchool District$235,269
Archbold-Area Local School DistrictSchool District$106,085
Ashland City School DistrictSchool District$386,460
Ashtabula Area City School DistrictSchool District$120,566