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Pennsylvania Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$3,859,776,435

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State-level programs

Click on the name of a program for more details.

YearProgram NameProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2018Coal Refuse Energy and Reclamation Tax Credit ProgramEnergy production$1,400,000
2019Coal Refuse Energy and Reclamation Tax Credit ProgramConservation of farmland, forest, open space, or water$9,800,000
2020Coal Refuse Energy and Reclamation Tax Credit ProgramPower generation$17,100,000
2021Coal Refuse Energy and Reclamation Tax Credit ProgramPower generation$10,800,000
2019Educational Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (EOSTC)Educational development$32,600,000
2020Educational Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (EOSTC)Educational development$32,600,000
2021Educational Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (EOSTC)Educational development$53,600,000
2017Educational Tax CreditEducational development$116,800,000
2018Educational Tax CreditEducational development$129,400,000
2019Educational Tax CreditEducational development$150,900,000
2020Educational Tax CreditEducational development$174,800,000
2021Educational Tax CreditEducational development$179,500,000
2017Film Production Tax CreditGeneral Economic Development$60,000,000
2018Film Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$60,400,000
2019Film Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$60,900,000
2020Film Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$63,000,000
2021Film Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$65,100,000
2017Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ)General Economic Development$21,100,000
2018Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ)Entrepreneurship/innovation$16,000,000
2019Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ)Entrepreneurship/innovation$15,300,000
2020Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ)Small business development$15,100,000
2021Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ)Small business development$15,000,000
2017Keystone Opportunity Zone Program (KOZ)General Economic Development$78,000,000
2018Keystone Opportunity Zone Program (KOZ)General Economic Development (OZ)$92,100,000
2019Keystone Opportunity Zone Program (KOZ)General Economic Development (OZ)$95,100,000
2020Keystone Opportunity Zone Program (KOZ)General Economic Development$84,300,000
2021Keystone Opportunity Zone Program (KOZ)General Economic Development$85,800,000
2021Military Installation Remediation Program (MIRP)General Economic Development$15,400,000
2017Neighborhood Assistance ProgramsCharity/nonprofit/government assistance$18,000,000
2018Neighborhood Assistance ProgramsCapital investment$18,000,000
2019Neighborhood Assistance ProgramsCommunity development$18,000,000
2020Neighborhood Assistance ProgramsCommunity development$18,000,000
2021Neighborhood Assistance ProgramsCommunity development$33,600,000
2018Neighborhood Improvement Zone Program (NIZ)Construction/rehabilitation$45,600,000
2019Neighborhood Improvement Zone Program (NIZ)General Economic Development (TIF)$40,500,000
2020Neighborhood Improvement Zone Program (NIZ)General Economic Development$61,200,000
2021Neighborhood Improvement Zone Program (NIZ)General Economic Development$46,600,000
2017Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC)Educational development$32,600,000
2018Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC)Educational development$32,600,000
2017Resource Enhancement & Protection Tax Credit (REAP)Conservation of farmland, forest, open space, or water$5,400,000
2018Resource Enhancement & Protection Tax Credit (REAP)Agricultural development$5,400,000
2019Resource Enhancement & Protection Tax Credit (REAP)Agricultural development$5,400,000
2020Resource Enhancement & Protection Tax Credit (REAP)Agricultural development$5,600,000
2021Resource Enhancement & Protection Tax Credit (REAP)Agricultural development$11,200,000
2017Tax Credit for New JobsJob Creation/Retention$10,100,000
2018Tax Credit for New JobsJob Creation/Retention$10,100,000
2019Tax Credit for New JobsJob Creation/Retention$10,100,000
2020Tax Credit for New JobsJob Creation/Retention$3,000,000

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss
Allegheny CountyCounty$29,538,847
Armstrong CountyCounty$75,315
Beaver CountyCounty$181,319
Berks CountyCounty$972,423
Blair CountyCounty$269,835
Butler CountyCounty$1,068,654
Clinton CountyCounty$379,388
Crawford CountyCounty$137,091
Cumberland CountyCounty$8,567
Erie CountyCounty$895,810
Fayette CountyCounty$166,050
Franklin CountyCounty$223,809
Jefferson CountyCounty$48,521
Lancaster CountyCounty$1,521,032
Lebanon CountyCounty$30,508
Lehigh CountyCounty$3,385,419
Lycoming CountyCounty$1,169,163
McKean CountyCounty$998,758
Mercer CountyCounty$159,756
Northampton CountyCounty$3,941,601
Schuykill CountyCounty$305,739
Union CountyCounty$1,025,000
Venango CountyCounty$29,267
Wayne CountyCounty$1,624
Westmoreland CountyCounty$426,442
City of AbingtonMunicipality$14,905
City of AllentownMunicipality$17,625,000
City of BethlehemMunicipality$1,460,000
City of ErieMunicipality$8,278,026
City of LancasterMunicipality$165,517
City of PhiladelphiaMunicipality$814,344,087
City of PittsburghMunicipality$85,427,526
City of ReadingMunicipality$1,849,000
City of WilliamsportMunicipality$142,743
City og Wilkes-BarreMunicipality$90,282
Allentown School DistrictSchool District$3,338,806
Armstrong County SchoolsSchool District$46,880
Big Spring School DistrictSchool District$271,023
Bradford Area School DistrictSchool District$791,000
Burrell School DistrictSchool District$112,209
Butler Area School DistrictSchool District$42,241
Carbondale Area School DistrictSchool District$615,850
Carlisle Area School DistrictSchool District$83,652
Central York School DistrictSchool District$1,311,092
Chambersburg Area School DistrictSchool District$449,818
Columbia Burough School DistrictSchool district$5,545
Cornwall Lebanon School DistrictSchool district$3,228,095
Crestwood School DistrictSchool district$1,969,000
Dallastown Area School DistrictSchool district$744,601
East Lycoming School DistrictSchool district$1,066,000
Eastern York School DistrictSchool district$5,578,458
Easton Area School DistrictSchool district$4,345,750
Elizabethtown Area School DistrictSchool district$1,831,000
Fairfield Area School DistrictSchool district$1,272,424
Fairview School DistrictSchool district$256,331
Fort Leboeuf School DistrictSchool district$1,917,418
General McLane School DistrictSchool district$611,422
Girard School DistrictSchool district$56,949
Greencastle-Antrim School DistrictSchool district$9,885,980
Greenville Area School DistrictSchool district$1,076,168
Hamburg Area School DistrictSchool district$1,743,670
Hanover Public School DistrictSchool district$17,313
Iroquois School DistrictSchool district$2,309
Jersey Shore Area School DistrictSchool district$1,452,000
Juniata County School DistrictSchool district$932
Kane Area School DistrictSchool district$59,662
Keystone Central School DistrictSchool district$7,183,052
Lebanon School DistrictSchool district$60,777
Mahanoy Area School DistrictSchool district$103,229
Mechanicsburg Area School DistrictSchool district$42,701
Millcreek Township School DistrictSchool district$31,061
Millville Area School DistrictSchool district$285,000
Milton Area School DistrictSchool district$615,000
Minersville Area School DistrictSchool district$476,816
Montgomery Area School DistrictSchool district$319,000
Muncy School DistrictSchool district$84,171
North East School DistrictSchool district$176,000
North Hills School DistrictSchool district$447,211
Northeastern School DistrictSchool district$8,331,775
Northern Lebanon School DistrictSchool district$0
Northern York County School DistrictSchool district$4,308,149
Northwestern School DistrictSchool district$3,883
Penns Manor Area School DistrictSchool district$257,100
Pequea Valley School DistrictSchool district$282,000
Philadelphia Public SchoolsSchool district$488,500,000
Philipsburg-Osceola Area School DistrictSchool district$7,150
Pittsburgh Public SchoolsSchool district$111,066,339
Pittston Area School DistrictSchool district$2,446,679
Port Allegany School DistrictSchool district$5,479
Punxsutawney Area School DistrictSchool district$60,881
Red Lion Area School DistrictSchool district$10,034,111
Schuylkill Valley School DistrictSchool district$300,469
Seneca Valley School DistrictSchool district$3,918,347
Sharpsville Area School DistrictSchool district$451,173
Shippensburg Area School DistrictSchool district$1,841,075
Souderton Area School DistrictSchool district$141,385
South Eastern School DistrictSchool district$594,597
South Western School DistrictSchool district$74,514
South Williamsport Area School DistrictSchool district$107,000
Southern York County School DistrictSchool district$4,823,997
Spring Grove Area School DistrictSchool district$586,096