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Virginia Revenue Lost to Tax Abatement Programs

Total Revenue Lost$776,902,379

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State-level programs

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YearProgram Name sort iconProgram TypeGross Revenue Loss
2017Motion Picture Production Tax CreditJob Creation/Retention$6,600,000
2018Motion Picture Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$6,100,000
2020Motion Picture Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$7,200,000
2021Motion Picture Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$5,800,000
2022Motion Picture Production Tax CreditFilm, TV, and/or media$4,500,000
2017Retail Sales and Use Tax Data Center ExemptionsGeneral Economic Development$65,200,000
2018Retail Sales and Use Tax Data Center ExemptionsTechnology (data center)$79,200,000
2019Retail Sales and Use Tax Data Center ExemptionsTechnology (data center)$92,200,000
2020Retail Sales and Use Tax Data Center ExemptionsTechnology (data center)$110,500,000
2021Retail Sales and Use Tax Data Center ExemptionsTechnology (data center)$124,500,000
2022Retail Sales and Use Tax Data Center ExemptionsTechnology (data center)$135,900,000
2022Retail Sales and Use Tax Entitlement to Tax Revenue from Tourism ProjectsTourism development$1,100,000
2017Tax Revenue from Tourism ProjectsGeneral Economic Development$100,550
2017Virginia Enterprise ZonesGeneral Economic Development$164,823

Tabulated localities and districts

Click on the name of jurisdiction for a list of tax abatement programs that reduced its tax revenue.

Data includes abatement information for the five most populous cities, counties, and school districts in each state (where available). If no data is shown for these top five jurisdictions, it is because they did not disclose GASB 77 tax abatement information in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), the amount reported was $0, or the ACFR has not been published yet. Some states include data for additional years and jurisdictions.

Reporting JurisdictionJurisdiction TypeGross Revenue Loss sort icon
James City CountyCounty$20,622
Carroll CountyCounty$28,525
City of Franklin CityMunicipality$31,809
City of AbingtonMunicipality$36,000
Washington CountyCounty$70,059
City of DanvilleMunicipality$84,103
Buckingham CountyCounty$150,000
City of StauntonMunicipality$164,897
Goochland CountyCounty$174,675
City of WythevilleMunicipality$212,191
Spotsylvania CountyCounty$224,516
York CountyCounty$233,547
City of AmherstMunicipality$245,494
Pittsylvania CountyCounty$252,919
City of BristolMunicipality$293,430
City of WaynesboroMunicipality$312,669
City of FrederickburgMunicipality$347,474
City of Falls ChurchMunicipality$364,036
City of SalemMunicipality$417,557
City of SouthhamptonMunicipality$670,334
City of CharlottesvilleMunicipality$687,936
Orange CountyCounty$934,000
Fauqier CountyCounty$995,998
Augusta CountyCounty$1,016,666
Giles CountyCounty$1,344,174
Rockingham CountyCounty$1,412,058
Roanoke CountyCounty$1,482,489
City of SuffolkMunicipality$4,378,525
Henrico CountyCounty$4,586,337
Arlington CountyCounty$5,998,016
City of RoanokeMunicipality$7,739,140
Chesterfield CountyCounty$8,730,957
City of AlexandriaMunicipality$10,150,200
City of Virginia BeachMunicipality$10,944,986
City of Newport NewsMunicipality$12,497,448
Mecklenburg CountyCounty$21,845,132
City of NorfolkMunicipality$38,758,087